Madawaska ATV Club

Madawaska ATV Club

Welcome to the St. John River Valley Madawaska Trail System

Welcome to our Web Site!

We had excellant trail conditions last year.  The

club worked hard to maintain the trails so we can say that we had “THE BEST RIDING TRAILS” in the State of Maine!  With the purchase of a small portable backhoe to work on drainage problems in our trails, some trail maintantence issues were resolved.

With this site, we hope to reach all of our members and non-members to assist, educate, help, and intereact with each other with information about our trails, maps, newsletters and club events for the coming year. Again, we thank those special landowners that allow us to use their land for our trails because without them, we have no trails. We believe our ENJOY DON’T DESTROY motto reflects what every responsible rider believes in. We need to live up to our agreement with the landowners that we will be caretakers of these trails

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Please attend our monthly Meetings!

 Monthly membership meetings are schedualed on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM. Meeings are held at the Four Seasons Lodge on Summer Street.  Please try to attend.  Stay tuned to this Site for further info….


We have the privilage of riding on “Irving Lands” here in N. Maine.

Click here to get the “lowdown and information” on what is needed to do so.


Click here to download Madawaska Trail Map

Click here to download Aroostook County Trail Map

Check out the Photos Gallery on this site for our Ridgewood Estates riding adventure for Ridgewood residences.  It was quite a day!  Also photos of the work that was completed this month (July) on the K of C Connector Trail. 



Check out the video section of this site for an update on the agreement between the Madawaska Board of Selectmen and the Madawaska ATV & Snowmoble Clubs of the town.  The only comment that this site will make is to remind all riders involved to please observe and follow the rules set up for us.  This is a priviledge given to us by our local officials.  Thanks to our Madawaska WOWL Community Television Station for producing this video and by also broadcasting this on the WOWL Channel.

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